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As the name implies, the No Diet Diet, isn’t a diet in the traditional sense. In fact, it both does and does not refer to itself as a “diet.” It is typically considered to be more of a lifestyle than an actual specific program.

What is the No Diet Diet?

Unlike the majority of weight loss plans that typically focus on slashing calories, specific foods, or specific groups of foods from an individual’s regular eating habits, this particular strategy allows an individual to eat a perfectly normal, healthy eating strategy. 

What Makes the No Diet Diet Unique

What is unique about The No Diet Diet is that it does not make any claims for rapid weight loss or fat miraculously melting from the body. It is not a quick fix that will last mere weeks or even months. Instead, it is a way of life that an individual is meant to follow over the long term. It promises weight loss and easier weight management, simply by choosing healthy options.

The primary focus of The No Diet Diet is to eat healthy in order to eliminate excess weight from the body. It claims that it is better to slowly reduce the weight on the body through the consumption of foods in moderation, instead of trying to drop dozens of pounds in a short time through drastic food consumption changes.

Instead of attempting to entirely slash certain foods from the individual’s plate, it places its focus on choosing the right kinds of healthy foods. This means that instead of changing what a person eats for a certain meal, he or she will change the entire outlook on eating and living. The main goal isn’t weight loss, it is health. Weight loss just happens to be a desirable side effect of this effort. 

Benefits of this Strategy

There are a number of advantages of following this eating strategy according to its authors: Professor Ben (C) Fletcher, Dr Karen Pine and Dr Danny Penman. The claim is that it can help you:

  • Lose weight without feeling hunger
  • Keep shedding the pounds until your body’s ideal healthy weight emerges
  • Become healthy and happier
  • Lose weight simply without using calorie counting, willpower, restrictive food regiments, expensive clubs, or unrealistic exercise programs
  • Main the weight loss permanently by “adopting the secrets of the naturally slim” 

The diet seeks to help individuals break free from their bad habits. The theory among the authors of the No Diet Diet book is that “the fatter someone is, the more habits they have.” Even studies have found that health behavior change is central in obesity management. 

The Program Isn’t For Everyone

A quick scan of the customer reviews of The No Diet Diet quickly shows that this is not the program for everyone.

There certainly is a massive following of individuals who say that they are thrilled that they don’t need to deal with restrictive diets and that once the weight is gone, they can keep it off. However, others find that they don’t have the motivation to keep it up simply because they’re not losing weight as fast as they want. They would like to achieve their goals more quickly, which is not a part of The No Diet Diet.

Essentially, the particular strategies taught when embracing this particular lifestyle change may not be beneficial for individuals who rely on strict diets that layout their daily eating and exercise routines.

Overall, it seems that The No Diet Diet does work, but that the dieter’s expectations are the primary deciding factor as to whether or not it is appropriate for them, as it is relatively simple, straightforward, and not restrictive, but is also a slow and gradual form of weight loss.

Finally, do keep in mind that while the No Diet Diet isn’t specifically a diet, if you are planning on following the advice of this plan for health or weight loss reasons, it’s always a good idea to run this by your health care provider to obtain their input on the matter. It never hurts to get a professional opinion when you want to improve your health. The goal, after all, is to find a strategy for weight loss that is both safe and best suited to your lifestyle.


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What kind of diet is right for YOU?

Take our nutritionist-designed quiz to find out what type of diet is right for your body and weight loss goals.

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