Review: The Food Lover’s Diet

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The Food Lover’s Diet is a weight loss program that was created by Fitness Magazine. It provides dieters with five different strategies that can be used to eat properly and increase the rate of weight loss.

On the official “The Food Lover’s Diet” page on the Fitness Magazine site it says: “No fooling: This weight-loss plan includes tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes with pasta, waffles, even peanut butter. And it totally works.” 

The Food Lover’s Diet 5 Strategies

The diet has “5 Eat-Right Strategies.” These strategies are the foundation of the plan. According to the magazine, they are five simple and proven guidelines. When this Food Lover’s Diet review was written, the 5 strategies included:

  • Eat – This diet encourages you to eat and points out that exercising and consuming fewer than 1,500 calories per day is too difficult for a person to obtain the nutrients they need. However, as long as they follow The Food Lover’s Diet plan exactly, they won’t have a problem with feeling hungry or getting the necessary nutrients.
  • Get the right combination of carbs, fats and proteins – A diet that is high in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and that also contains mostly unsaturated fats from olive oil or nuts and delivers a healthy dose of extra-lean protein from dairy, legumes, fish, soy and lean meat, is considered to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast.
  • Eat “real” foods – This diet focuses on eating “real” foods and not foods that are processed. This means meals are high in vegetables and fruits, moderate amounts of whole grains, legumes, fish, extra-lean meat, non-fat yogurt or milk and other unprocessed foods.
  • Exercise – The diet encourages a combination of cardio and strength training. Following the plan for one month will see the dieter lose five pounds and even more if they are follow the plan for longer.
  • Have realistic expectation – Dropping a pound or two per week is an ideal weight loss strategy because it ensure that you are losing fat and not muscle.

This program provides users with online tools offered through that magazine on its website, which include menu planners and other interactive options. 

This Diet Was Created to Provide a Realistic Guide to Shedding Weight

The reason that the magazine claims that the Food Lover’s Diet was created was to help dieters to overcome the common problem in which they attempt to lose weight with expectations that are far too great or with unrealistic goals in mind. The purpose of the diet is to provide those individuals with a more realistic guide to shedding the extra weight and making sure that it never comes back.

At the start of the Food Lover’s Diet program, the dieter learns about certain eating and calorie intake guidelines. The description of the program states that if a dieter is consuming fewer than 1,500 calories each day, and is keeping up a regular exercise routine, then hunger will soon become an issue and it will be impossible to maintain that strategy for weight loss.

On this diet you will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner totaling about 1,500 calories a day. On the days that you do exercise, you can also add a 100 calorie snack.

While a diet menu is being planned, the suggestion from the Food Lover’s Diet is that the right combination of proteins, carbs, and fats make it onto each plate. That way, the body is kept strong and healthy. That said, the primary components of any meal on this diet are vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Examples of suggested foods include: Apricot smoothie, a veggie wrap, crispy chicken, etc.

To balance off the strategy for this diet, there are a number of steps that are laid out for the dieter to follow to make sure that his or her expectations remain realistic and that they align well with achievable goals for losing weight. The recommendation also includes a balance of cardio and strength training exercises.

The claim of this diet is that, if followed correctly, it will allow the dieter to shed five pounds within the first month, and that weight loss will vary from one month to the next after that point. That said, it does claim that the dieter will be able to lose as much weight as he or she wants throughout the length of the program. 

Overall, The Food Lover’s Diet seems like a fairly decent diet plant. That being said, it’s still a good idea to run this plan by your doctor if you intend to follow it.


What kind of diet is right for YOU?

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What kind of diet is right for YOU?

Take our nutritionist-designed quiz to find out what type of diet is right for your body and weight loss goals.

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