The 4X4 Diet is an eating strategy based on a book by the same name. The concept is relatively straightforward, with a focus on clean eating incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. This book is written with people of all experience levels in mind, regardless of whether you’ve never been on a diet before or are an experienced athlete.

What is included in The 4X4 Diet?

The 4X4 Diet book includes many different features. These include the following:

  • A straightforward and simple to follow program for clean eating
  • Routines in Tabata style that suit everyone from beginner to advanced
  • A meal plan
  • An exercise schedule
  • A number of recipes that are relatively simple to make, healthy and tasty, too.

Who Should Use The 4X4 Diet

The 4X4 Diet was designed to be used by virtually any healthy adult or child who wants to improve their nutrition and fitness. This diet is not made specifically to be a weight loss diet, but by eating and exercising properly, weight management can be the result.

Author of The 4X4 Diet, Erin Oprea, uses the book to discuss the complete philosophy, breaking it down into four sections. It is for this reason that the strategy has its name. There are four basic rules and the tabatas are each 4 minutes long. Though this may sound exceptionally simple, it is for precisely this reason that many people love it.

The Simplicity of The 4X4 Diet

Eating clean is the core of this diet. According to Oprea, there are four essential guidelines to clean eating. These include: reducing sugar intake, eliminating the consumption of starches at night, decreasing sodium intake and lowering alcohol consumption.

The book provides extensive information regarding how to observe these guidelines. Furthermore, it offers additional advice regarding what to stock in the fridge and pantry. These ingredients all suit the recipes the book provides for all three meals as well as for snacks and even occasional desserts.

The tabata workouts are some of the most popular parts of this diet. It’s easy to underestimate them. Many people try the next experience level too early and are surprised at how something so basic can also be very challenging. That said, the challenge is what makes them great and what keeps them interesting. The goal is to do between 4 and 5 of them each day, in addition to a warm up and cool down.