The Spark Solution Diet is the weight loss strategy created by the SparkPeople program. It is designed to be a two week program that will help to kick start a dieter’s efforts toward a healthier body from top to bottom. first launched in 2001, but the diet itself was formed in 2013. Dieters can find out about the strategy either through the website or through the Spark Solution Diet book. It is a calorie reduction strategy that is meant for either men or women.

The plan is meant to help people to think of their bodies as something that needs to be treated with more care and respect. Instead of fad dieting in an attempt to lose weight quickly, then having it rebound once again, the goal is to overcome a sedentary life of unhealthy eating in favor of one that is gradually and steadily improving. By taking good care of yourself you will feel better and achieve better overall health throughout your life.

The strategy itself was created by Becky Hand, the head dietician at, who partnered up with the site’s editorial director, Stepfanie Romine. Through the Spark Solution Diet, dieters are supposed to learn how to take care of themselves within a span of two weeks. It isn’t supposed to teach them everything but it is supposed to build a solid foundation that will give dieters a start for treating themselves well for the rest of their lives.

At the same time, it helps dieters to understand the road blocks they face when trying to lose weight – both on a mental and physical level – and understand how to overcome them. The goal of this diet is long term success. While it is supposed to offer visible results within those first two weeks, the ultimate goal is to be able to achieve a goal weight that can be maintained over the long term.

There are four main parts to the Spark Solution Diet. These include:

Part 1 – Learning the way the 14-Day Jump Start will change both your body and mind. This part of the strategy is a learning phase where you will come to understand what you need to do and why.

Part 2 – You will begin implementing the 14-Day Plan. This will continue for two weeks and become the first couple of weeks of the habits you’ll be building over a lifetime.

Part 3 – As you get going with the diet, you can use the many tools available for success. These include apps, a website, recipes, exercise moves, a tracker and other resources that make it easier to feel like you’re not alone and you know what you’re doing.

Part 4 – Occurs as the first two weeks come to a close and you start to apply the lessons you’ve learned to the rest of your life.

The main drawback is that the diet is not highly structured. While this does provide flexibility to help the diet fit into virtually any lifestyle, people who will need to make a large number of changes might need additional rules to keep them on track.